Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pork Corn

For Easter, our dear friends Jen & Michelle bought us this:

I'm sure it started as a joke. But... I brought it to work and made a bag. It smells like chemical, which is pretty gross. It tastes like bacon heaven.

There are two sad endings to this story. First, there are only 3 bags in the box. There are pregnant women in my office, and I'm compelled to share with them. They both love it as much as I do. (Now, don't judge me when I say this, but the salty bacon-y taste is so delicious, I actually ripped the bag all the way down the middle and licked the salt off the bag.)

Thanks, Jen, for documenting this:

Second, all 3 bags are now gone.

It only took the first bag to begin the conversation about, if microwave bacon pop is so delicious (even despite the fact that there is not even a hint of "real" bacon included in the ingredients; in fact, it proudly boasts "artificial bacon and butter flavors"), then how much more delicious would homemade popcorn made in real bacon fat be?

Well... this Mother's Day, I found out.  And let me just tell you that this:



If you have never tried this, oh my, you are in for a treat.

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