Monday, December 11, 2006

Breath Prayer

I was talking to a friend this morning about Joni Eareckson Tada's book, "When God Weeps." I read this book several years ago, but during my conversation today, I recalled a story about one of Joni's friends who has never been through a real trial - that is, those circumstances God uses to refine our souls. The thing that struck me about that story is that here is a woman who longed for tribulations in order to bring her closer to God. Isn't it ironic that so often Christians get angry at God for allowing those things to happen; the pain is too great, the circumstances exhausting, the sorrow too deep, etc.? And, yet, those that never experience tribulations are envious of those that do if not simply because their faith grows as a result? Scripture is quite clear that once we become Christians we are not destined for a life free from persecution. In fact, quite the opposite is true. And I'm completely convinced that we are prime targets - for Satan will do all he can to get the better of us. But praise that we belong to God - we are His property. As such, wouldn't it be something if all Christians looked at their circumstances, whatever they may be, as an opportunity to grow, to be molded into Christ's image, to witness.

I've been trying to incorporate praise in a new way in my daily prayers - even has a breath prayer (a prayer that you just simply breathe up to God). Thank you, Father, for my circumstances. When I go through hard times, it is during these times when my eyes should be opened wide to ensure I don't miss what God wants to teach me. And sometimes it isn't even about me! It may be that how I respond as a Christian may very well witness to a non-believer. When I look at it from that perspective, it humbles me. Looking back on all the crap I've been through, I can easily see how God was there through it all. It sure looks different in midst of it, though.

But, thank you, Father, for my circumstances. I am not self-sufficient. I am God-sufficient.